Confident, curious, caring

Students in independent schools engage in meaningful experiences inside and outside the classroom that both challenge them, and shape them for the future. They build confidence that comes from collaboration with adults who support their education and their curiosity. An important outcome of that work is the expectation and the reality that independent school students become citizens of their local and global communities and find meaningful ways to influence those communities and live as good neighbors.

 Experience, engagement, empathy 

Students in independent schools have adults at school who know them, support them, and guide them. Those adults are teachers and coaches, mentors and advisor, principals and alums. The adults in independent schools have myriad roles, but most essential is fostering a relationship with students so students can accomplish perhaps what they themselves could not have imagined. The interdependent attributes of teacher experience and engagement are only surpassed by teachers who value and encourage empathy as an essential disposition for the future.

Time, talent, trust

A trustee in independent school possesses the essential attribute of deep commitment to the school. Trustees are often a current or former parent, or alum of the school or a community member. They know their schools. Their gift to the school is their time. They invest deeply in supporting the school’s mission and vision, and further give of their specialized talent within the governance body of the school. From this comes a special relationship that engenders trust from the community that the school is future-thinking as well as presently engaged. 

Champions, Constituents, Colleagues

Parents of students at independent schools champion the work of not just their own student, but all students, recognizing the broad and inherent benefit of having all students succeed. Parents might be the school’s most important cheerleaders, but they are also constituents who may be trustees, members of parent groups, volunteers who fuel the schools, or an expert to mentor students. Parents are also our colleaguesworking with teachers and staff members, school leaders and trustees to be a foundation of a successful and healthy school.

Perspective, portraits, professionals

Alumni of independent schools serve on our Boards of Trustees and other school committees. They bring perspective borne of their school experience and also from their personal and professional lives. They are often the portraits of successwe figuratively paint for students so students have relatable role models who might be different from them, but who share an academic, athletic or artistic interest. The professional success of our alumni provides a model pathway for students to better understand their future.

Independent Schools in Connecticut are active, vibrant, and optimistic places of learning. We believe in fostering true communities where students, families, and educators find a home with open doors as well as brightly lit windows to the future.

Rick Branson
Executive Director