The CAIS New England New Teachers Seminar helps new teachers prepare for their first day, first week and first year. Our staff of instructional coaches will lead teachers on a journey of self discovery, helping them to understand and manage the complex challenges facing all new teachers. What lies ahead? How does one think like a teacher? What does brain research tell us about how we learn? How does one apply that research in a classroom? 

The framework of this seminar includes curriculum and lesson planning, assessment, active learning techniques, teaching philosophies, and strategies for building an equitable and inclusive community in a classroom/dorm/team/club, all of which we hope will build confidence in preparing teachers for their first few weeks of school. Additionally, guest speakers will address a variety of topics to enhance their work as teachers. This seminar will provide opportunities for new teachers to discuss current issues and trends in education while enabling them to form partnerships and alliances that will enhance excellence in teaching and learning.

Both NENTS 1.0 and 2.0 include a deep dives into the following topics -- geared towards beginner or more experienced teachers -- to prepare teachers to teach successfully on whatever platform they find themselves:

Relationship Building

How Learning Happens


Curriculum Planning and Lesson Development


Technology Usage

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Education


Instructional Design

Differentiating Instruction


NENTS faculty are experienced independent school educators from throughout New England. NENTS participants come from schools across the country. 

CAIS is grateful for the partnership of CAIS member school, Miss Porter's School, which is hosting the 2024 NENTS programs August 4-9.

Here's what past participants had to say about their experiences in the program:

"I know my conversations and the things I learned from spending time with [my cohort leaders] will forever shape my mind and life as a teacher and into whatever other careers or opportunities I find myself experiencing."

"There was not a moment where I felt uncomfortable in the space. I was allowed to be me -- flaws and all, without judgment. The playing field was equal in learning and discussing."
"I hope I can continue to uphold and value the aspects we discussed at the conference like valuing students identities, being an anti-racist educator, working collaboratively with my colleagues and asking questions! Most importantly- self care."

"I want to come back for NENTS 2.0 and I think every single person in private education should get the opportunity to experience what this seminar has done for us. I am so, so, so grateful."

"My instructional coach not only gave me advice on my lesson but also pushed me on content in a supportive way that forced me to be more confident in my own teaching and in the content I was teaching."


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